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Kansas City Mortgage & Insurance Company's Adjusters Division is a network of independent, multi-line claims adjusters that has been serving the property and casualty insurance industry since 2002. Our local office has successfully worked with hundreds of insurance companies, TPA's and self-insured customers providing prompt, professional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kansas City Mortgage & Insurance Company has handled thousands of assignments including, but not limited to, auto appraisals, property estimates, complex casualty claims and catastrophic events of all kinds. To best serve our customers, we provide two options for working with our network of independent adjusters. Customers who make a limited number of assignments or who sporadically make a small number of assignments throughout the country are encouraged to use our Direct Program. For customers who anticipate making a high number of assignments either on a regional or national basis, we recommend our Adjusters National and Regional Customer Program. Regardless of which program best suits a customer's needs, we do our best to provide to provide courteous, professional service at a competitive price.

The Direct Program allows for the most direct communication between the independent adjuster and the customer. The customer chooses the adjuster he or she wishes to handle the assignment by location and sends that assignment directly to our office and we do the rest. Other features of the Direct Program include:

Assignments are sent directly to our local office via email, fax or phone.

Contact information is also available on the website at www.diamondbginc.com

Our office will:

  • Acknowledge the claim assignment
  • Verify the details of the assignment
  • Handle the claim according to the customer's instructions
  • Deliver the work based on the timeline provided by the customer
  • Include an invoice and time sheet to support the work
  • The price for all services will be negotiated between Kansas City Mortgage & Insurance Company and the customer.
  • The customer should communicate directly with our office with any questions concerning the assignment.
  • Customer Support is available should any issues arise during the course of the assignment.

The Adjusters National and Regional Customer Program includes the following:

  • Standardized pricing, billing, and payment terms
  • Live Customer Service to receive regular, emergency and after-hours field work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer
  • Service can receive claims in several ways;
  • Email acknowledgement with the name and contact information of the adjuster assigned within 4 business hours.
  • Defined claims handling expectations.
  • Customer Support for routine inquiries of file status, contact information, etc..
  • A dedicated Account Manager to respond to service, quality or other issues.
  • Quarterly reports on all assignment activity at the claim level.

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For more information please contact Mark Pauley at mpauley@diamondbginc.com or adjuster@diamondbginc.com

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